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Mental health is a dynamic spectrum that ranges from a state of wellbeing, through mental distress, to mental disorder or illness. Written for a broad primary healthcare audience, this article offers help with navigating youth mental health.

Hiran Thabrew, David Chinn & Karin Isherwood
22 September 2023
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This video is a recording of the live webinar hosted by Mobile Health on 28 June 2023. GP Cathy Stephenson and child and adolescent psychiatrist Arran Culver discuss appropriate management of young people presenting with mental health concerns. 

Dr Cathy Stephenson and Dr Arran Culver
13 July 2023
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Our youth are reporting worsening emotional and mental health, and inequities for young Māori and Pacific peoples are growing. Our article includes strategies and tips that may helpful when a distressed young person presents in primary care.

Dr Neil Whittaker and Professor Terryann Clark (Ngāpuhi)
30 June 2023

This editable PDF helps you to delve into the EPiC data, contemplate your prescribing, reflect on your current practice, and set goals and actions.

*New audit section*
An additional audit/CQI section allows you or your practice team to repeat the process, completing activities that may be used for Foundation Standard or the Cornerstone CQI or Equity modules.

He Ako Hiringa
7 June 2023