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He Ako Hiringa
18 October 2021
45 minutes to Delve

Following on from presentations in February, this new resource covers discussions from webinars held in August 2021.

The content has been edited, and reviewed by Waikato DHB endocrinologist/diabetologist Dr Ryan Paul.

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Dr Ryan Paul
13 October 2021
17 minutes to Listen

Introducing Legendary Conversations, our podcast series that explores aspects of primary care in Aotearoa New Zealand. In episode one (part 1), we talk with Professor Keith Petrie about the psychological effects of taking medicines, and what primary healthcare professionals need to know. 

Professor Keith Petrie
11 October 2021
21 minutes to Read

Linda Bryant discusses gout, a chronic long-term condition that is often associated with other diseases, and with drug-related morbidity and mortality. As such, it needs to be addressed holistically as part of the psychosocial medical model.

30 September 2021

Biological medicines have markedly changed prognoses for many conditions such as cancers, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.  

As biologics’ patents expire, biosimilars – highly similar versions of approved biologic brands – will be competitively marketed. This will lead to cost savings, increased access and treatment options, and improved patient outcomes.2

Read the HAH Bulletin to find out more.

He Ako Hiringa
27 September 2021
8 minutes to Read

Patients can no longer be started on funded selegiline. Patients who were on selegiline prior to 1 August 2021 will need their prescriptions endorsed to receive subsidised supplies. An alternative MAO-B inhibitor, rasagiline, may be a suitable agent for new patients or those transitioning from selegiline.

This resource provides a timeline for the changes and information about transitioning patients from selegiline. Advice on prescribing rasagiline is also included.

He Ako Hiringa
14 September 2021

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