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Gout services vary between regions and populations but one common factor is that success requires a whole-of-team approach. This article introduces the online Gout Guide, a helpful local resource that draws on a range of experience and proven tools to help improve gout outcomes.

He Ako Hiringa, reviewed by Dr Sue Ward
27 March 2024

This video is a recording of the live webinar hosted by Mobile Health on 14 March 2024. In this webinar, Professor Nicola Dalbeth gave a clinical update, and provided information about new resources that can be used to support effective gout management.

Professor Nicola Dalbeth
22 March 2024
2 minutes to Read

All RA-Morph oral liquid strengths are now out of stock or expired. Wockhardt 10mg/5ml (2mg/ml) and Oramorph 2mg/ml are available instead but supply gaps may occur during April. Oramorph now has Medsafe approval, but Workhardt brand remains a Section 29 medicine.

Read this article for important points to note. 

He Ako Hiringa
21 November 2023

Looking for information, check sheets and guides on menopause management? You can find it here!

We’ve linked resources from multiple providers into one place so it’s easy for you to find what you need.

He Ako Hiringa
31 October 2023
8 minutes to Read

A short course of oral antivirals can cure hepatitis C, but first we have to identify people with chronic infection. Read our article to find out who and how to test for hep C, the supports in place for patients and health providers, and the plan to eradicate hepatitis globally.

He Ako Hiringa, reviewed by Professor Ed Gane
28 November 2023
1 minute to Read + 30 minutes to Listen

Episode seven of our Legendary Conversations podcast explores hepatitis C. Dr Sarah Hartnall, and nurses Nancy Carey and Bridget Faire discuss hepatitis C testing, treatment, and support networks in Aotearoa. 

He Ako Hiringa
5 December 2023

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