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At He Ako Hiringa our mission is to contribute to eliminating inequitable access to funded medicines.

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Patients can no longer be started on funded selegiline. Patients who were on selegiline prior to 1 August 2021 will need their prescriptions endorsed to receive subsidised supplies. An alternative MAO-B inhibitor, rasagiline, may be a suitable agent for new patients or those transitioning from selegiline.

This resource provides a timeline for the changes and information about transitioning patients from selegiline. Advice on prescribing rasagiline is also included.

He Ako Hiringa
14 September 2021
4 minutes to Read + 2 minutes to Watch

Biological medicines are already used in Aotearoa New Zealand and with more being developed internationally, it’s important that you feel comfortable using them. We’ve highlighted five key aspects of these medicines to give you a quick introduction to using biologicals.

He Ako Hiringa
11 August 2021
15 minutes to Delve

From 1 September and when clinically indicated, dulaglutide can be started in adult patients with type 2 diabetes using the steps shown in this resource.

Talking points, relevant for all patients starting dulaglutide, are provided along with two algorithms and accompanying prescribing notes.

Brendan Duck, Ryan Paul
25 August 2021
60 minutes to Watch

In this webinar, Dr Raewyn Fisher discusses the range of disease-modifying therapies that have improved heart failure outcomes, and provides reassurance around the funding changes to cilazapril.

Dr Raewyn Fisher
24 August 2021

When initiating either empagliflozin or dulaglutide, the newly funded second-line type 2 diabetes agents,choice is based primarily on predominant comorbidities, clinical features and tolerability.

Administration route is an additional factor; dulaglutide is a once-weekly, subcutaneous injection and empagliflozin is a daily tablet. Patient factors are also important, and the contraindications and adverse effects profiles differ. 

Read the HAH Bulletin to find out more.

He Ako Hiringa
17 August 2021

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