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This supply issue update from Pharmac advises that there are global constraints on the supply of the two GLP-1 agonists funded to treat diabetes. The suppliers of both dulaglutide (Eli Lilly) and liraglutide (Novo Nordisk) have advised Pharmac that they can secure enough stock for current patients only.

The global annual awareness campaign on antimicrobial resistance has been rebranded from World Antimicrobial Awareness Week to World AMR Awareness Week. Inclusion of ‘AMR’ (antimicrobial resistance) in the name better represents the challenge we are facing. 

This letter introduces a new project, lead by a group of local experts, to deliver national antimicrobial guidelines for Aotearoa that will serve as the standard for antimicrobial prescribing. 

The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation is urging healthcare practitioners and people with respiratory conditions to discuss the environmental impact of different inhalers when considering treatment options. This press release outlines a recent study from the University of Otago, which explored patient and prescriber attitudes to the environmental impact of inhalers. 

The Gout Guide builds on findings from several gout projects including the Whanganui GOUT STOP programme and ProCare Gout Collaborative. It provides practical tools and insights for a fresh take on gout treatment.

The guide was developed following a project funded by Te Whatu Ora, Long-Term Conditions Directorate, finishing in June 2023. Ongoing support is provided by Health Literacy NZ and Health Navigator Charitable Trust.

In this article from New Zealand Doctor Rata Aotearoa, pharmacist prescriber Linda Bryant examines when to consider initiating a statin for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.

In this article from New Zealand Doctor Rata Aotearoa, child psychiatrist and paediatrician Hiran Thabrew discusses how mental health and wellbeing apps can help young people learn emotional self-regulation skills.

In this article from New Zealand Doctor Rata Aotearoa, consultant cardiologist Chris Ellis discusses the use of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers for management of hypertension.

In this article from New Zealand Doctor Rata Aotearoa, Lucy O’Hagan gets advice from AI and colleagues on how to counter her unconscious bias.

In late April 2023, the Asthma + Respiratory Foundation NZ sent out a survey asking New Zealanders with asthma to share their experiences. The Foundation was interested in finding out how people were managing their asthma post COVID-19. Almost 500 people responded to the survey, and their responses showed that too many New Zealanders are living with poorly controlled asthma, and many are not accessing the basic care and management tools they need.