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The EPiC Diabetes medicine supply is our most compelling data story yet. Using dispensing data, this dashboard provides clinicians with a way to see how many patients with type 2 diabetes have picked up their medicines regularly over a 12-month period.

Click here to view the national medicine supply data story.

He Ako Hiringa
28 July 2021
4 minutes to Watch

If you are a GP practising in New Zealand and would like to use a data analytics tool that can help you assess your prescribing with respect to type-2 diabetes, and allow you to compare your prescribing behaviour to your peers, then sign up now. To sign up to EPiC, simply click here to begin the two-step sign up process. 

He Ako Hiringa
14 December 2020
1 minute to Read

We are excited to bring you this new programme aimed at improving medicine access equity for the people of Aotearoa New Zealand; giving clinicians the opportunity to reflect on practice and purpose 

12 October 2020