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Thank you for your interest in EPiC. 

Individualised patient and practice data are now available for GPs, nurse prescribers and pharmacist prescribers. To access EPiC all you need is a He Ako Hiringa account. There are two ways you can set up your account:

1. Sign up to He Ako Hiringa

Register with He Ako Hiringa here. You will immediately be asked by email to verify your account. Once verified, EPiC will be ready and waiting for you here.

2. Sign up to He Ako Hiringa using your New Zealand Doctor or Pharmacy Today login

New Zealand Doctor and Pharmacy Today subscribers can sign into He Ako Hiringa using their respective accounts. Click here, and then click the ‘log in with New Zealand Doctor’ or the ‘log in with Pharmacy Today’ button. You will be taken to the associated website to log in, then brought back to the He Ako Hiringa website. Your EPiC account will then be ready here.

Not sure if EPiC is for you?

Visit our About EPiC page to view a demonstration of the product, FAQs, data methodologies and stories.


Our support desk is available during business hours. If you have any queries, you can contact us by phone on 09 488 4286, by email at or via our online chat box.