Recorded webinar - Improving medicine access equity in primary care

Sandy Bhawan and Dr Emily Gill

In this video, Sandy Bhawan talks through the research and approaches developed by PHARMAC to help achieve medicine access equity. Dr Gill then discusses equity issues in a rural clinical setting, using the example of her work in the Te Whānau ā Apanui Community Health Centre, a remote practice in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Questions and answers discussed in the live event are also included.

Sandy Bhawan’s topics:

• PHARMAC’s focus on medicine access equity
• Priority populations and conditions
• How you can make a difference

Dr Gill’s topics:

• Improving medicine access equity in remote rural areas
• Case study: Te Whānau ā Apanui Community Health Centre

This video was recorded from a live webinar hosted by Mobile Health on 21 October 2020 attended by predominantly rural health professionals.

The video has been edited for clarity.

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