Assessment: Beyond medicines for gout

15 minutes to Delve
28 September 2021

This assessment is suitable for healthcare professionals who have read the article Beyond medicines for gout.

GPs may claim 1 CME credit, and nurses may claim 60 minutes' professional development, for reading the article and completing the assessment. Pharmacists may prefer to complete the CLASS reflection and assessment instead.

We recommend logging on before completing the assessment. This allows you to use the CAPTURE feature at the bottom of this page to record your learning and note your score*. For ease of use, we suggest using Google Chrome and your desktop computer or laptop.

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Learning objectives

After reading this article it is expected you will be able to:

  • describe the prevalence of gout in New Zealand and the dispensing trends of gout medicines
  • describe gout pathophysiology, including the risk factors and triggers
  • identify gout management approaches likely to provide benefit, especially to Māori and Pacific peoples
  • describe the use of allopurinol as urate-lowering therapy
  • identify advantages and disadvantages of treatments for acute gout flares.