Press release: Cilazapril soon to be delisted

He Ako Hiringa
22 June 2023
Press release

Pharmac-sponsored educator He Ako Hiringa is contacting general practices, advising them to prioritise moving patients off cilazapril to avoid having to manage a significant number of transitions in December when the medicine is delisted. Cilazapril is commonly used to treat hypertension and heart failure.

Data reviewed by He Ako Hiringa suggest that 70,000 patients were still being dispensed cilazapril as at the end of May 2023, and these patients are more likely to be living in areas of higher deprivation, aged 45 to 64 years, and men. Prescribers are encouraged to change patients to another medicine now, to ensure a smooth pre-Christmas transition.

He Ako Hiringa programme manager Anna Mickell recommends practices seek support and consider reviewing their repeat workflow.

“Many practices have access to PHO data and clinical pharmacists that may assist them plan their transition, or they could seek support from their local community pharmacies. Reviewing the repeat workflow process within the practice with respect to this medicine should also be considered, as well as briefing locums.”

Practices and practitioners are able to view the number of patients they still have on cilazapril, by logging into their He Ako Hiringa EPiC dashboard and choosing the cilazapril theme. The data are updated monthly, with numbers to the end of March showing currently. Education to assist clinicians to move patients off cilazapril is available on

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Programme Manager – Anna Mickell
Level 1, 52 Symonds Street, Auckland City.

He Ako Hiringa is funded by Pharmac to provide health workforce education and analytics to support the responsible use of pharmaceuticals in primary care.