EPiC Opioids specific data stories

12 September 2023
EPiC Opioids

EPiC Opioids excludes patients aged under 18 years. Click here to explore EPiC Opioids.

  1. All opioid dispensing data (including for cancer pain and palliative care) are included in this dashboard to provide an overall picture of opioid use in Aotearoa. However, much of the content refers to the use of opioids for persistent non-cancer pain where, despite being considered a third-line option, a significant volume of dispensing occurs.
  2. The "Percentage of population" option in the filter is calculated by dividing the number of people dispensed the medicine in a particular demographic group by the total number of people in that demographic group (at a national level, and at a practice and practitioner level).

Opioids dispensed

This data story shows the number of patients dispensed different opioids.

Strong opioids use over time

This data story shows the number and proportion of patients who have had strong opioids dispensed over the last four years.

Strong opioids treatment duration

This data story shows how many patients were dispensed strong opioids for fewer than six weeks, and for six weeks or longer.

Concomitant opioid use with sedative-hypnotics

This data story shows, of the people who were dispensed a strong opioid, the proportion who were also dispensed a sedative-hypnotic.