Beyond unreasonable gout

He Ako Hiringa
26 October 2021
Bulletin #8

Team gout

Usual gout care is variable, and different management approaches are needed, particularly for Māori and Pacific peoples.1,2

To help further reduce gout harm, healthcare providers can:

  • SCOUT. Aged 20 to 40, joint pain? Think gout.
  • ENQUIRE. Where appropriate, question and/or review recurrent NSAID-only treatment for gout.
  • SHAPE. Explore beliefs about causes and treatments. Talk genetics.
  • IDENTIFY, ACT. Prescribers – preventive medicine early and regularly is essential. Pharmacists – look for patterns of irregular dispensing.
  • REFLECT. How is your communication helping people see a better future?

Read the bulletin here.


1. BPACnz. Managing gout in primary care. August 2021.

2. Andrews S, Gasparini J, Henderson G. Evaluation of Gout Stop and Owning My Gout management programmes. A final report for Arthritis New Zealand and its partners. 2020.

3. Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand. Atlas of Healthcare Variation: Gout. Updated 2021.