Introducing He Ako Hiringa and the EPiC Dashboard

37 minutes to Watch
Dr Alesha Smith
16 December 2020
Introducing He Ako Hiringa and the EPiC Dashboard - Alesha Smith

"Introducing He Ako Hiringa and the EPiC Dashboard" is presented by Dr Alesha Smith. Alesha is an associate professor at the University of Otago School of Pharmacy as well as the director of Airmed, the health data company that is behind He Ako Hiringa's EPiC tool.

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What you can expect

In this video, Alesha discusses the development of He Ako Hiringa and presents EPiC, our interactive data tool. EPiC (Evaluating, Prescribing to Inform Care) is set for release in early 2021. EPiC is an interactive prescribing dashboard that allows clinicians to analyse and compare their medicine management behaviour.

As a developer of EPiC and a health researcher herself, Alesha then demonstrates how EPiC can be used to explore the care provided to patients, using medicines for type 2 diabetes as an example.

EPiC demo

You can get a feel for the EPiC dashboard by exploring our EPiC demo. The EPiC demo looks exactly like the EPiC dashboard, except the data isn't personalised to you. You can use it to navigate EPiC's features, filters and layout. Using the EPiC demo is easy, you don't even need a log in. Click here to go to the EPiC demo.

This video was recorded from a live webinar hosted by Mobile Health on 8 December 2020 attended by predominantly rural health professionals.

This video has been edited for clarity.