EPiC data club

He Ako Hiringa
26 July 2022
EPiC data club

To help you get the most out of the EPiC prescribing dashboard, we've formed the EPiC data club. Both prescribers and non-prescribers can join the free data club meetings, where we'll take you on a guided tour of the dashboard and help you to fully explore the data and reflection activities. You can choose to sign up as an individual or as a practice team.

About EPiC data club

Held twice a month, the EPiC data club takes you on a guided tour of your own prescribing data. Our lead analyst, Dr Alesha Smith, will walk you through the different features in EPiC and help you to complete a reflection activity.

The EPiC data club can also help with analysis of practice data, and we welcome practice managers and other non-prescribers to register.

We can cater to your needs by holding a personalised data club meeting for members of your individual practice, or you can view demonstration data by joining a meeting with peers from across the country. If you would like to organise a free data club meeting for your practice, please contact us at admin@akohiringa.co.nz

Certificates of attendance will be issued for each data club for one hour of continuing professional development.

Upcoming data clubs

If you would like to organise a personalised data club for your practice, email admin@akohiringa.co.nz

Resources for EPiC data club

What you'll need for EPiC data club:

  • An EPiC account - click here to learn more about how to create a free EPiC account.
  • Prescribing data - please check your dashboard to ensure that your prescribing and/or practice data are available. If your can't see your data, or your data has been assigned to the wrong practice, please contact us at admin@akohiringa.co.nz

Other helpful resources: